Why become a MATIS Distributor?

Besides the advantage of increasing profitability with the prices offered, MATIS is a company that values partners commitment and cooperation. Aligned with our mission, vision and values, MATIS is committed to the ongoing success and growth of its distribution network, worldwide.

Distributor Benefits

  • Support from the company, meaning that if a question arises with a product we’ve sold, we will protect you. This ensures that you remain in good standing with your customers and can focus your energy on more important aspects of running your business.
  • Higher profits, meaning that we will secure lower prices and you will be protected for a decided territory.
  • Guaranteed high quality as a result of the use of carefully selected raw materials, our automated production and packaging lines and our Total Quality Control and Management System.
  • Development of new products in our own Research & Development laboratories, according to the market requirements, the latest progress in raw materials and the most recent trends in the construction sector.
  • Qualified training and technical support by our highly experienced team of engineers.
  • Professional assistance by our dedicated Export Sales Representatives.

If you are interested in becoming part of the MATIS distribution network, please contact