Building Exellence!


At MATIS, quality is key for satisfying the customers and retaining their loyalty, hence we make sure to control it for every process. Quality control is essential for us because we want to encourage quality consciousness, satisfy our customers and build a trustworthy relationship with all our customers, suppliers and members within the organization. We conduct analysis and tests for every production, making sure that the quality is always meeting the criteria that the MATIS company has set.


To respond to the challenges of the current dynamic world characterized by climate change, resource crises, and widening economic inequalities, construction must be redefined using a social-ecological system. That’s why at MATIS we offer sustainable construction materials in order to protect the environment that we live in. MATIS has not only focused on making systems more efficient, but also on redesigning the system to continually enhance natural processes and centre the welfare of the people who live, work, and experience the built environment.


MATIS has created the MATIS Professional Club, where all members are invited to join and create a better understanding for the field of construction. We host different courses and seminars with the goal on spreading the knowledge among individuals seeking to learn about construction and its materials.


MATIS is a company that focuses on the production of adhesives and chemical products for the construction industry. Since its establishment, MATIS has implemented the internationalization strategy by attaching great importance to customer satisfaction, technology, environmental maintenance, adaptation to market needs and overall development in all its sectors.

MATIS is fully committed to innovation and continuous development of new products. With a fully integrated Italian technology, the company is able to monitor carefully every step of the production. MATIS owns an organized R&D department, equipped with specialized scientific personnel, where new products are developed every year in accordance with market needs and the latest technological developments in the construction sector.



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